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Harvest 22

It's been an early harvest in Piedmont due to the drought year: towards the end of August we were already in the vineyard to harvest white grapes. Yields have been much lower than previous years, beautiful bunches but lots of seed and little juice. Very concentrated, very tasty. Our vineyards are mostly south-facing, so they have been particularly affected by the heat and the dry environment. The north side, on the other hand, remained cooler.

Something interesting we noticed compared to other years was the presence of bunches, some very beautiful, on shoots that start the lower part of the wood, close to the ground and surrounded by tall grass, where the environment was cooler. It was therefore important not to forget to look down and collect these clusters, both small and large.

A fast harvest that we'll remember. And now the wine from 2022 harvest is all in tanks, waiting for the next steps until bottling.

Ilaria / VIV Winery

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