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Among the vineyards

We're getting closer to harvest 2023, which will be an early harvest again, same as the last few years. Last month we focused on preparing our north-facing vineyard, where the vines have grown nicely and almost like in a normal year. This month we are dedicating ourselves to the south-facing vineyards. These have grown a bit more than last year. However, this year again the vines look more like little trees.

Viti in collina

Last year the vines in the photo above only reached as far as the second wire (counting from the bottom).

Uva sulla vite non ancora matura

Working through the vine branches, that carry very few leaves, we see the grapes that are fully formed, waiting to ripen and get colour. This year again we will have to pay attention to the grapes that grow at the bottom of the vines, on the ground, where the environment is slightly cooler and more pleasant for the grapes.

Uva che cresce in basso

Walking down the hill, we see that the branches are more lush and have more leaves. We also start seeing a few vines that are suffering, while it's not rare to find vines that are completely dry. The weather conditions have been dry for at least two years in a row, the weaker vines are suffering the long drought. A few drops of rain this year have been beneficial, but certainly not enough. The vines are facing a tough challenge, but they are carrying their fruit with honour.

Vista collinare in mezzo ai filari

Slowly, we are getting closer to this year's harvest.

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