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Almost harvest

The last days before the 2022 harvest are running fast. Already a few months ago we noticed a landscape that looked very different from how we remember it: in the vineyard you can see the poles. An unusual thing, as usually these would be hidden by the thick shoots, full of large leaves from the strong and healthy vines.

This year the shoots are short (especially in the south-facing vines), the leaves are sparse and small, the grapes are there, but the plant suffers from the absence of water and rain.

Consequently, the landscape of Monferrato is different: you can see the land between the rows in the distance. The dominant colors are green and beige.

Passing through the rows to arrange the shoots in disorder in preparation for the harvest, so that they do not interfere with the harvesting procedure, we also see vines of extraordinary strength and beauty. An example is this very strong Barbera vine, with long and thick shoots, many beautiful bunches. A force of nature.

But the black grapes are not yet ripe enough, we will wait until September to make an evaluation. Soon we will begin to harvest the white grapes for our skin-contact white wine and our Moscato d'Asti.

There are only a few days left for this harvest, which will not be like the ones we have known in recent years.

Ilaria / VIV Winery

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